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pu coated gloves

PU Coated Gloves Manufacturer

At Amsafe, you can surely find high-quality and cost-effective PU coated gloves that are suitable for your business or projects. We are specialized in manufacturing and supplying a wide array of PU coated gloves for more than 15 years.

  • Assures safe & fast delivery within 30 days
  • Providing OEM and OBM services
  • Designing and producing 5 to 10 new styles of gloves annually
  • ISO, SATAX, and BSCI verified factory

Amsafe PU Coated Gloves

Amsafe’s PU coated gloves are crafted from a durable, stretchable fabric and are then coated with an eco-friendly polyurethane material. These gloves are designed to offer exceptional dexterity, impressive breathability, a comfortable fit, and crucial protection for various workers.

Our PU coated gloves boast multiple features and advantages such as waterproofing, softness, remarkable resistance to abrasion, wear and tear, aging, corrosion, chemicals, minor cuts, UV rays, folding, and oil. Additionally, certain models of our PU coated gloves are also resistant to extreme cuts.

They find extensive usage in various tasks like mechanical operation, cleaning, automotive repair, precision work, hardware work, household chores, electronics, construction, general assembly, and metal stamping, among others. These gloves are the perfect choice for a variety of industries including oil & gas, timber, rigging, automotive, agriculture, aerospace, and more.

Antistatic ESD PU Fingertips Coated Gloves offer superior precision and excellent grip. Ideal for delicate tasks in ESD-sensitive environments, they provide reliable protection against static discharge, enhancing safety and productivity.

Black 13 Gauge Polyester Liner PU Coated Gloves provide excellent dexterity and grip. Designed for durability and comfort, these gloves offer reliable protection in various industries, ensuring safety and efficiency in every task.

HPPE Level 5 Cut-Resistant PU Coated Gloves provide ultimate hand protection, combining high-performance polyethylene and PU coating. Ideal for high-risk environments, they offer superior cut resistance, enhancing safety and productivity.

White Nylon PU Coated Palm Work Gloves offer a comfortable fit and excellent grip. Featuring a durable PU palm coating, these gloves are perfect for precision tasks and provide reliable protection, ensuring safety and efficiency at work.

Black Nylon PU Coated Touch Screen Gloves are designed to provide comfort, dexterity, and protection while allowing you to interact with touch screens without removing your gloves. They are perfect for tasks involving digital devices, ensuring safety and efficiency at work.

Polyester Liner Printed PU Coated Gloves provide a firm grip and excellent dexterity. The PU coating ensures durability and protection while the printed design adds a stylish touch. Ideal for various tasks, these gloves combine safety, efficiency, and aesthetics.

Anti-static Nylon PU Palm Coated Gloves are designed to protect your hands while working in environments that require static control. These gloves feature a durable PU palm coating that provides excellent grip and dexterity. They are ideal for use in electronics, computer, and other high-tech industries.

Designed to offer excellent protection in various industrial settings. The PU coating provides a smooth and durable layer that enhances grip and resistance to abrasion, making them ideal for handling equipment and machinery. These gloves offer comfort and safety, ensuring max productivity in the workplace.

High level of dexterity and sensitivity, ideal for precision tasks. The 18 gauge nylon makes them lightweight and flexible, the PU coating enhances grip and provides a good level of mechanical protection. Touch-screen compatible, can operate touch screen devices without removing your gloves, practical for modern workplaces.

Great for Precision Work and Small Parts

Amsafe’s PU coated gloves, inclusive of fingertip and palm dip, effectively curtail leaks and slips courtesy of their PU coatings at the fingertips. Consequently, they offer comfort and ease during tasks. Additionally, Amsafe gloves with PU coatings boast superior abrasion resistance.

Owing to their exceptional features and benefits, Amsafe’s PU-coated gloves are ideal for precision work, domestic tasks, electronics, automotive repair, construction, and mechanical operations. Post polyurethane dipping, these gloves undergo a thorough cleaning to remove any potentially harmful substances. Amsafe stands as your premier supplier of PU-coated gloves, primed to propel your business to new heights.

Why Amsafe PU-Coated Gloves

Amsafe takes pride in producing an array of glove designs featuring polyurethane coatings, capable of delivering a myriad of benefits that will enhance your business, including:

Eco-friendly PU coatings, offering flexibility, elasticity, and resistance to wear.
Top-tier yarn materials, with options that range from polyester yarn liners to nylon.
An elastic cuff design, with cuffs woven with elastic bands to ensure an excellent fit and elasticity, catering to both large and small hands.
Comfortable wear, an ergonomic design, and reduced hand fatigue.
Impressive anti-static performance.
With a rich history exceeding a decade, Amsafe stands as your ultimate manufacturer of PU-coated gloves in China. We provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs, aimed at minimizing production costs.

What is a PU coated glove?

PU coated glove is a work glove that has been adorned with a veneer of polyurethane (PU) material, thoughtfully applied to either the palm or fingertips. This astute addition augments the gloves’ grip, dexterity, and resilience, rendering them suitable for a myriad of tasks.

What is the difference between PU coated and Nitrile gloves?

The disparity between PU coated gloves and nitrile gloves lies in their inherent characteristics. PU coated gloves feature a delicate layer of polyurethane coating, furnishing commendable grip and dexterity, making them well-suited for light-duty endeavors. Conversely, nitrile gloves are fashioned from a synthetic rubber material, delivering superior resistance against chemicals, oils, and punctures.

Wat ass déi bescht Beschichtung fir Handschuesch?

Discerning the most suitable coating for gloves hinges upon the specific application at hand. Notable options include nitrile, latex, PU, and foam coatings, each offering distinct levels of grip, durability, and protection.

Are polyurethane gloves good?

Polyurethane (PU) gloves prove highly favorable for tasks demanding impeccable grip and dexterity. Industries such as electronics, assembly, and manufacturing frequently employ PU gloves to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

What does PU coating mean?

The term “PU coating” encompasses the application of an exceedingly thin layer of polyurethane material onto a surface. Within the realm of gloves, PU coating confers augmented grip and protection while preserving the flexibility crucial for optimal hand movements.

How long does PU coating last?

The longevity of PU coating on gloves can vary depending on factors such as frequency of use, the quality of the coating, and the nature of the tasks performed. Generally, PU coating exhibits a respectable lifespan under normal conditions before displaying signs of wear.

Is PU coated waterproof?

PU coating confers a certain degree of water resistance, although it may not offer complete waterproofing. The level of water resistance is contingent upon the thickness and quality of the PU coating employed.

What is the difference between nitrile and PU?

Nitrile and PU possess distinctive qualities in the realm of glove materials. Nitrile is a synthetic rubber material renowned for its resistance to chemicals and punctures, offering robust protection. On the contrary, PU (polyurethane) is a coating material that heightens grip and dexterity in gloves, imparting different properties compared to nitrile.

What is PU coating made of?

PU coating is crafted from polyurethane, a synthetic polymer that can be transformed into a liquid form and subsequently applied as a coating. This coating material bestows an array of advantages, including enhanced grip, protection, and flexibility.

Is PU coating plastic?

It is accurate to categorize polyurethane (PU) as a form of plastic; however, it is important to note that PU possesses distinct properties and characteristics that set it apart from conventional plastics like PVC. PU is revered for its remarkable flexibility, resilience, and versatility.

Is PU coating scratch proof?

PU coatings have the ability to provide a certain level of resistance against scratches, although they may not be completely impervious to such marks. The extent of scratch resistance is contingent upon factors such as the thickness and quality of the PU coating utilized.

What is the difference between silicone coating and PU coating?

Silicone coating and PU coating are dissimilar in nature, representing two distinct variants of coatings. Silicone coating is renowned for its exceptional heat resistance and non-stick attributes, making it highly suitable for specific applications. On the other hand, PU coating excels in augmenting grip and dexterity, finding widespread usage in gloves and various other contexts.

What is the minimum order quantity for Amsafe’s PU coated gloves?

The specific minimum order quantity for Amsafe’s PU coated gloves is not explicitly stated. Nevertheless, Amsafe presents an extensive array of sizes, catering to diverse industries. Noteworthy is Amsafe’s provision of OEM and OBM services, offering the capability to conceptualize and craft new glove styles on an annual basis.

Can Amsafe provide custom branding or labeling on their gloves?

Amsafe is committed to accommodating customer preferences by offering personalized branding, bespoke designs, and labeling options for their gloves. Moreover, customization alternatives are available for bulk orders, alongside quantity discounts and comprehensive care instructions for maintenance guidance. Amsafe ensures both exceptional durability and unwavering performance.

Are Amsafe’s PU coated gloves machine washable?

It is essential to note that care instructions for Amsafe’s PU coated gloves may vary depending on the specific product. However, in general, most gloves can be conveniently cleaned by either machine washing or hand washing. It is prudent to consider that washing procedures may impact the longevity of the gloves and warrant due consideration.

What is the typical lifespan of Amsafe’s PU coated gloves with regular use?

While the lifespan of Amsafe’s PU coated gloves may vary contingent upon usage patterns, their enduring resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and tearing instills confidence in their formidable durability. Furthermore, maintenance requirements are minimal, positioning them as a highly cost-effective choice for a plethora of industries.

Does Amsafe offer any warranties or guarantees on their gloves?

Amsafe goes the extra mile by offering warranty coverage for their PU coated gloves, thus assuring the impeccable quality of their products. The specifics of the warranty may differ depending on the glove type and specific circumstances, and additional information can be obtained from their esteemed customer service team.

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